IV infusion in Rogers, Arkansas

IV Infusion Therapy

Maximize Your Full Potential

Whether you're wanting an immunity boost to help combat sickness, desire healthier skin, or looking for a quick hangover cure - IV Infusions may be your answer.

Many people unknowingly suffer from dehydration because they don't focus on drinking enough water. Fortunately, an IV Infusion in Rogers, Arkansas will re-hydrate your body and have you feeling lifted in no time.

An IV Infusion allows a liquid combination of vitamins and minerals to be delivered directly into your veins through a small tube.

IV therapy can promote hydration, give you a boost of energy, help you recover from an intense workout, and much more.

Taking vitamins orally takes longer for your stomach to break down the nutrients.

But receiving the vitamins intravenously allows them to be absorbed faster and more effectively.





Our Doctor or APRN will recommend a certain IV Infusion mixture based on your symptoms. One of our qualified health care workers will then insert the needle into a vein in preparation for the infusion.

Administering the Treatment

We will then connect the IV drip bag, and one of our providers will monitor you while the drip starts. IV Infusions can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to complete.

The Results

Some may notice effects immediately and benefits can be felt for up to a week.  We serve patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond.


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