Men's Skin Rejuvenation in Rogers

Total Skin Rejuvenation.

A painless, age-defying treatment

The Legend Pro by Lumenis is a new, multi-faceted aesthetic device for skin rejuvenation.

This machine actually offers three different types of treatments that can be individually customized to treat a variety of skin concerns such as skin laxity, skin texture, and even improving deep lines or wrinkles.

Accelerated skin rejuvenation is just one phone call away now that The Edge offers Legend Pro treatments.


This powerful combination therapy will produce instant visual results improving your skin’s appearance and making you look years younger.

The Legend Pro is minimally invasive and uses your body’s own natural ability to heal itself to work with each combination treatment for incredible results.

How it Works


The Consultation

Lumenis designed this clinically proven method to achieve thermal skin regeneration with each treatment of the Legend Pro. After a consultation with one of our providers, we will recommend a customized treatment plan specifically for you.


The Legend Pro can combine its TriPollar RF Applicators, VoluDerm treatment, and TriFractional setting to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. The TriPollar RF Applicators safely delivers focused RF energy by heating up the deep dermis layer of skin. VoluDerm creates micro wounds to kick-start the body's process of creating new healthy skin. Lastly, the TriFractional step uses radiofrequency to heat up and regenerate skin, giving you smooth and firm results.

The Results

The Legend Pro may be used to rejuvenate skin on almost any part of the body and requires minimal downtime. 


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