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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Haney, Clinic Coordinator Alex Beaumont, and Patient Advocate Kevin Thomasson work efficiently as a team with each individual to pinpoint issues and create an action plan. We specialize in male optimization, and our goal is to create individualized plans that will help guys feel better. We pride ourselves on offering timely, unique, and affordable options for hormone replacement therapy. You're not generic, so we believe your testosterone treatment shouldn't be either.  Let our team of men's health experts in Rogers, Arkansas help you get back to feeling your best. Serving patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, we help people from Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond.


Dr. Kevin Haney, Medical Director

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Alex Beaumont, Clinic Coordinator

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Kevin Thomasson, Assistant Coordinator

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Kathryn Cullum, PA-C

Kathryn Cullum, PA-C

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Penny Edge Receptionist

Penny Simpson, Receptionist

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Ashley at The Edge in Pinnacle Point in Rogers AR

Ashley Williams, Patient Advocate

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Judy at The Edge at Pinnacle Point in Rogers

Judith Marie Diaz, Patient Advocate

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Rachel at The Edge at Pinnacle Point

Rachel Antonenko, Patient Advocate

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Roger, The Edge at Pinnacle Point

Roger Garibay, Patient Advocate

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Followed by years of research, on-site training, and continued medical education courses on hormone replacement therapy; Dr. Haney founded The Edge at Pinnacle Point in September of 2019. He saw a need for proper management of men’s health, especially regarding their testosterone. His mission is simply giving men a different approach to HRT, by monitoring all aspects of the hormonal cascade.
Dr. Haney’s drive to stay current on the most effective solutions for anti-aging sets The Edge apart from any clinic in our category. His concept for our new facility (coming soon in 2020) will cater to men with convenience, affordability, and a comfortable low-key environment.
Alex moved to NWA in 2015 from the New York. Although not a true Arkansas native, he has since grown out his facial hair to look like one. Alex has worked in numerous clinical environments – most recently emergency medicine – before becoming clinical coordinator at The Edge. He has stated that his introduction to the clinical world was borne from an inherent tendency of wanting to help people. So, when the opportunity was presented to him to help guys navigate through the confusion and misinformation of testosterone deficiency, he jumped at the chance to make a difference.
He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to push himself on the Green Way or while trekking with his mountain bike on the Back 40 in Bella Vista. He is also a tech and computer hobbyist and enjoys building computer systems for people. Alex is married to his darling wife, Paige, who he met upon moving to Arkansas. He often drives his coworkers batty with his incessant praise for her. Alex also enjoys snuggling with his cats and making silly noises at them.
Kevin grew up in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from Pea Ridge High School, while all of his family comes from Mississippi. He then left for 6 years to see the world with Uncle Sam. Kevin proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, before returning to work as Fire and EMS in the area for the following 23 years, including time as the Lead Tech at the Mercy ER. He began his career at The Edge in October of 2020, and instantly became an invaluable part of our team.
Kevin enjoys working with an amazing group of folks while helping make a difference in peoples lives. He has happily settled in NWA to continue to serve his community. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, and his new rescue pup - Bayley!
My name is Kate Cullum and I’m a brand-new Physician Assistant at ORVAC, The Edge, and Renew Aesthetics. I also happen to be Dr. Haney’s daughter! I started working at ORVAC when I turned 16 and did various tasks around the clinic up until graduating college at the U of A. I did my medical training at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis where I got to train at some really cool cutting-edge facilities. I am thrilled to be back at ORVAC, which has been my dream all along! I look forward to providing the same exceptional care that all 3 of our divisions are so well known for. Y’all come see us!
Drake, my husband of almost 5 years, also recently finished his medical training in Memphis and he now works in internal medicine doing primary care in Gravette. We have a dog named Oliver who is spoiled rotten and is very excited to now have his own yard. We are HUGE Razorback fans and are absolutely loving living in NWA.
Penny joined the Edge team early July 2022. She is so happy to be the newest member the Edge team. Penny has been working in the medical community since 2012, starting as a medical assistant now a receptionist. She is a true NWA native, HOG fan.
When not at work she is spending time with her family and friends. Penny loves shopping, but what girl doesn’t. She is a true NWA native, HOG fan.
Ashley was born and raised in Plainview, TX and then went onto college at the University of Oklahoma - BOOMER SOONER! She received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, met her husband, and then moved to Bentonville. Ashley's lived in Bentonville for 25 years and now calls it home. She taught first grade in Bentonville for a few years, and then became a stay-at-home mom for many years.
When Ashley was ready to get back into the career world, she did a 180 and went into the medical field. Ironically, she job shadowed Kevin Thomasson (The Edge Assistant Coordinator) at a local ER, where he encouraged and guided her. She then went back to school, became an emet and worked on the ambulance for 4 years. Ashley also worked in the ER with both Alex Beaumont (Clinic Coordinator) and Kevin Thomasson. She has come full circle and is working with Alex and Kevin again! She absolutely loves working here at The Edge and using her medical skills.
Born in Queens, NY, Judith moved to Arkansas in 2005 and has grown in love with NWA as it's becoming a melting pot of diverse cultures, similar to her home. She is bilingual, born from Dominican and Salvadorian parents. One of her joys is interpreting whenever needed, thereby assisting and taking care of our hispanic community.
Judy is the mother of a beautiful, 16 year old daughter. Aside from being a Medical Assistant for 10+ years, she became a Personal Trainer in 2016 through NASM, helping people reach their health goals. She's competed in a couple of body building shows in Females Figure & Physique categories. Judy's daily enjoyments consist of practicing meditation through yoga, running at the park, and working out.
Rachel is a NWA native and graduated from Springdale High School. She has always been passionate about the medical field and helping people. She has spent the last 12 years as a medical assistant at a Urology Clinic in the area, and was a Pharmacy Technician, prior. She is excited about her new adventure being a part of the team at The Edge, working with an amazing group of people.
In her spare time, she sings in a local band, Dr. Choice and The Bad Decisions. She also loves the outdoors, spending any time she is not working or singing, getting outside. Whether that be hiking, canoeing, camping, or heading out west to the mountains.

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