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InBody 270 Body Composition Analysis

More Than Just A Scale

The InBody 270 provides special analytics to track your transformation, whether from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or just a diet and exercise routine.

The InBody analyzes various compositions of your body, revealing body fat percentage, muscle distribution, and body-water balance.

Your complete body composition analysis requires your age, height, weight, and gender to begin.

Results will include a muscle-fat analysis, an obesity analysis, a segmental lean analysis, and your body composition history.

Over time, if you are working to improve your muscle/fat ratio this machine is very helpful. Your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body mass index, and percentage of body fat will be measured each time.

Based on your individual statistics, your body composition analysis in Rogers will make recommendations on your print out to help you achieve ideal body composition. The InBody analysis at The Edge includes three complimentary results each year with an HRT subscription or our Medical Weight Loss program.

We love to use your results as a tool in consultations and follow-up appointments.

We may recommend anything from Hormone Replacement Therapy to supplements based on your results. Sometimes, an intermittent fasting diet or new exercise routine can make your analysis move in the right direction.

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"Love the Edge!"

Highly recommend for any guy that's just not feeling like himself anymore. These guys know their stuff!

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"This is the go-to-spot for men's health in NWA."

Alex and Dr. Haney are super nice and professional. They both are extremely knowledgeable and take the extra time to explain everything. I highly recommend!

– Blake W.

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5 out of 5 stars. I had no idea I could feel this good again. Dr. Haney and Alex Beaumont are experts at this.

– Brad F.

"Hormone Therapy"

The results are more than I expected. I feel 10 years younger. Thanks Kevin and Alex!

– Mark L.


Alex is fantastic at what he does and I never felt uncomfortable or nervous about asking any questions. They truly gave me my edge back.

– Ron S.


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