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The Edge at Pinnacle Point is a men's clinic in Rogers, Arkansas that specializes in male optimization. Our goal is to create individualized plans that will help guys feel better.
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Welcome to The Edge

Far too often, men undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy get their care terribly mismanaged.

We promise to educate, monitor, and guide you through each step of the way with doctor supervision and our process that’s proven to be effective.


We aren’t just another men’s clinic in Rogers, Arkansas; we’re a team that builds real relationships with our patients. We serve patients from all over Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville, and beyond. 

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What Makes Us Different

We provide a service – hormone optimization – and a guarantee:

That we’ll get you feeling like your old self.


We respect the fact that our patients have a right to feel like this service is not only beneficial to their health, but worth their investment of both time and money.

And we do think the resounding success we’ve had at The Edge will only further compound that investment positively. We like the feeling of knowing our best efforts to sell a service are resulting in people feeling better.

We operate under the belief that the service we are offering goes beyond an exchange of services.

The belief that this service has the potential to be life-changing, and the belief that testosterone insufficiency doesn’t have to envelop your life.

This is a condition that does not have to dictate the quality of your life.

Why do we say that?

Because we can testify that addressing testosterone insufficiency changed our lives. Please allow us the chance to help you do the same!  We can’t keep guys from getting older, but we can at least mitigate the symptoms associated with it.

Our Expertise & Services

Hormone Replacement Services in Rogers

Hormone Replacement

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Emsculpt in Rogers

Men’s Aesthetics

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Happy Clients

"Alex and the crew at The Edge have been amazing to work with!"

After feeling tired all the time and not being able to get motivated I decided to join The Edge. Best move ever! Getting your body back where it should be is amazing! I now have energy and have lost 60+ pounds. Thanks and would highly recommend!

– Byron S.

"What a game changer!!!! These guys are legit. "

They really help you understand why your feeling tired, and can’t lose weight! I’ve seen tremendous results in only 12 weeks. My workouts are so much better and I’m fitting in pants I haven’t worn in 3 years.

– Dr. Clint Freeman

"The Edge is a clinic that has helped get my life back on track."

My, “I‘ll do that later”, has become, “I’ll do that right now.” Mentally I could not stay focused, physically I couldn’t gain/keep muscle and libido was in the tank. Pots of coffee, energy drinks and naps should not be necessary just to get through a normal day; and they aren’t. Dr. Haney, Kevin, and Alex know their profession and treat you like an individual not just a number. Thanks Gentlemen!

– Brandon K.

"These guys are truly the best at what they do!!! "

Dr. Haney and Alex really know TRT, and are fantastic to work with. From getting the labs, to individualized treatment, the whole process was easy and EFFECTIVE! I feel better than I have in years.

– Henry I.

"The Edge at Pinnacle Point is very professional and friendly."

They are meticulous in diagnosing and treating men’s health care issues. If you are noticing a decline in energy, mental clarity and sexual interest and activity make an appointment with Dr. Haney, Alex and Kevin at The Edge at Pinnacle Point.

– Bryan H.

"I’ve experienced great results and feel years younger in multiple ways."

The staff are experts and you will receive personalized and comprehensive service. This place has helped me reclaim a lot of motivation and drive plus great physical benefits also. Definitely recommend.

– Joshua S.

"Highly professional!"

The team at The Edge is highly professional and always striving to be at the cutting edge of research in the field of hormone therapy. After being under their care for 2 months, I have regained my stamina and love for life, priceless.

– Pedro R.

"From my initial visit, I felt totally at ease."

Everything is explained so well and they do a great job of "meeting you where you are" while also holding you accountable. I recommend to all my friends over 40 to go have a consult. You will experience changes rather quickly: energy, sex drive, regulated sleep, just to name a few. It's worth the investment in yourself to check it out!

– Shane S.

"This is the go-to-spot for men's health in NWA."

Alex and Dr. Haney are super nice and professional. They both are extremely knowledgeable and take the extra time to explain everything. I highly recommend!

– Blake W.

"Life changing!"

5 out of 5 stars. I had no idea I could feel this good again. Dr. Haney and Alex Beaumont are experts at this.

– Brad F.

"Hormone Therapy"

The results are more than I expected. I feel 10 years younger. Thanks Kevin and Alex!

– Mark L.


Alex is fantastic at what he does and I never felt uncomfortable or nervous about asking any questions. They truly gave me my edge back.

– Ron S.

"Great Team."

Informative and answered all my questions. Feeling 110%.

– Donald S.

"This place is awesome!!"

Very knowledgeable and very quick and on time with shipments!! They’re always there for any questions and reply really quick!! Highly recommend them!!

– Brad H.

"Great atmosphere!"

Professional and helpful!

– Brian W.

"Quick and easy. Highly recommend."

My test levels were out of wack I felt horrible before coming to The Edge. These guys not only treat you like family, they know what they are about.

– Daniel B.

"I'd recommend them to anyone in need of TRT."

Alex, Kevin and Dr. Haney are great and easy to work with . I like that they're always easy to get in touch with and they listen to me.

– Dennis S.

"I am thankful to have come across Dr. Haney, Alex, and the team at Edge NWA!"

My journey started a couple years ago. I was not feeling myself, and new something was off. My family Dr. wasn’t sure what to do, and wanted to run multiple test, but couldn’t come up with an answer. Thankfully, the customized approach to what my body was missing from the Edge, has me feeling like myself again.

– Eric O.

"Very Professional Staff."

Always attentive they go above and beyond every visit. They make a person feel at ease I would highly recommend them and I do often.

– Hutch H.

"The Edge is an outstanding place here in the Northwest Arkansas area!"

The staff is very knowledgeable and they go above and beyond to make sure that all your questions are answered, you will leave feeling confident that you're in good hands.

– Jasson E.

"Had a great experience thus far."

I’ve been seeing the team here for the past 6 months and have been very pleased with the results. The staff is great. They are always polite and transparent. This isn’t some high pressure sales team which is refreshing. Highly recommend!

– K.B.

"The staff and the treatment the Edge offers is second to none"

The treatment prescribed is tailored to your specific needs. Feel like a new person just after 6 weeks. Highly recommend!

– Todd W.

Low Testosterone Treatment in Northwest Arkansas

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Our Affiliates

Our elite medical spa division offers a team of experienced providers dedicated to personalized results and patient satisfaction. Renew Aesthetics services have recently expanded to include women’s hormone therapy, medical weight loss, medical dermatology & wellness.

Dr. Kevin Haney leads our experienced team that has provided a gold standard of vein care in NW Arkansas since 2006. Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Stout joined us in 2021 to bring world-class arterial care & treatments that are new to NW Arkansas and beyond, specializing in limb salvage.


5433 W. Walsh Lane, Suite A Rogers, Arkansas 72758

Off exit 83 from I-49 in Pinnacle Point.


  • Monday - Thursday7:30 am - 4:00 pm