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Despite your best efforts, you may be lacking some key nutrients and vitamins your body needs to run at full efficiency. We may suggest a customized supplement regimen to give you an extra edge.

Based on your consultation, our team at The Edge will be happy to recommend supplements that will benefit you and your unique health and wellness needs.

Our purpose for creating The Edge is to give convenient, effective care for men in every possible way. Most importantly, we make men feel like themselves again.

We pride ourselves on offering an advanced approach to each individual member. Our staff often hears how previous experiences at other clinics or PCPs were so one-dimensional. Our goal is to help guys feel their best in every way possible.

Along with the more crucial treatments we offer for male optimization, like testosterone replacement therapy, we offer vitamin supplements to boost your overall health. Dr. Haney and Clinic Coordinator Alex Beaumont carefully researched what men’s supplements in Rogers, Arkansas our members can benefit the most from.

We offer a wide array of high-quality supplements, from Ortho Molecular Products to popular supplements such as Nutrafol for men’s hair wellness & hair growth.

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Taking everything into account from your consultation at The Edge, Dr. Haney or our Clinic Coordinator may recommend additional supplements as an option for peak performance.

Product Overview

See a high level overview of each supplement we offer by visiting Our Products page, or find a more detailed description on our app - MyTouchMD. All supplements and skin care products can be purchased in office or over the phone. 


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We’d love to create an all encompassing, individualized supplement plan for you. Start here by using our Virtual Consultation Tool.

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