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low testosterone symptoms in Rogers


The Basics of Luteinizing Hormone Treatments | Luteinizing Hormone Treatments in Rogers

As a man, your body needs to maintain certain levels of testosterone production to function properly. While that naturally slows down with age and other factors, replacing the deficit can optimize your hormonal cascade. The Edge uses testosterone treatments in Rogers to offset those deficiencies and build treatment plans to get you feeling 100% again!

While other methods exist, such as pellets and creams, testosterone injections are the most effective. After proper lab results, a doctor consultation, and a signed consent, you’ll begin an individualized treatment plan to boost your body and keep you feeling vital and confident.

However, while testosterone treatments alone can be an effective short-term male hormone replacement strategy, they aren’t typically effective for the long-term. That’s why we offer luteinizing hormone support to men looking for a hormone replacement therapy that offers lasting results.

The Science Behind Luteinizing Hormone Treatments

Though found in both men and women, in men luteinizing hormone (LH) is responsible for stimulating the leydig cells in the testes. Leydig cells help to produce testosterone, meaning that LH is directly responsible for the regulation and production of testosterone in the male body. 

Unlike straight testosterone injections, however, LH bolster’s your body’s natural testosterone production instead of simply supplementing it. It does this chemically by triggering the regular production of testosterone from Leydig cells in the testes. Testosterone, in turn, stimulates sperm production and helps accentuate male characteristics: 

  • a deep voice
  • muscle mass
  • growth of facial hair.

All of this goes to improve energy, power, sexual drive, mood, and overall wellbeing. So, when this natural process slows down, these empowering byproducts begin to drop off. That’s why testosterone replacement therapy is effective in restoring and maintaining testosterone levels.

But testosterone replacement therapy alone creates hormonal imbalances. A man’s LH supports the HPG (hypothalamic pituitary gonadal) axis and helps maintain testosterone and sperm production. Supplementing testosterone by itself would only exacerbate your issues, as it doesn’t create an effective hormonal balance.

That’s why a common problem that men experience if they’re supplementing testosterone by itself is a decrease in the size of the testicles. There is less testosterone naturally being produced there, as the introduction of a testosterone supplement encourages the body to stop producing testosterone itself. Reasonably, most men are not fans of that particular side-effect.

Luckily, LH support in Rogers combined with TRT can solve that specific issue. It also helps with maintaining fertility and preserving the production of other hormones.

Expert Luteinizing Hormone Treatments in Rogers

The Edge at Pinnacle Point is dedicated to helping men across Northwest Arkansas improve their health and wellness. Our approach is centered on the individual because no two men are the exact same. Your treatment should be as individual as you are. Our treatments, luteinizing hormone treatments especially, are all catered to your specific needs and goals. If you’re ready to take back control of your life, The Edge is here every step of the way!

Schedule an in-person visit or a virtual consultation today and get back on the path to feeling like your old self again. Or, take the opportunity to experience your full potential like you never have before. Be sure to also check out our special events for deals on your initial lab work and more. 

You don’t need to resign yourself to feeling older, weaker, or less confident. With testosterone treatments, you can regain your vitality and your Edge. With the right hormone treatments, you can make that edge last. Live your best life, and reach out to the Edge at Pinnacle Point today!

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