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Body Composition Analyzer in Rogers


Breaking Down Your Body Goals: The Role of a Body Composition Analyzer in Rogers

Many treatment facilities talk about HRT as an instant cure for men’s health issues. A lot of our patients have been told by other clinics that they’re going to lose weight, have a better sex life, grow more hair, and feel fantastic in no time at all. To quote Rocky, they’re made to think they’re going to “eat lightning and crap thunder” after a week.

The reality is that treatment’s unlikely to be that straightforward. But it’s totally reasonable that many men who come to us don’t understand that—at the beginning of their journey—HRT isn’t going to lead to instantaneous, magical results. 

You can always count on The Edge to make sure that when we work with you, we’re working to achieve your optimum results. But, that’s not always easy to determine right away during treatment. So, to help make the HRT process more transparent, The Edge doubles as a body composition analyzer in Rogers.

What Is Body Composition Analysis?

Body composition analysis is used by health professionals to evaluate a person’s weight by breaking it down into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It describes your healthy weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods like BMI & weight.

Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage. As a body composition analyzer in Rogers, The Edge uses this technology to boost results and better track how your body is responding to hormone replacement therapy, and our other Low-T treatments. In particular, we take advantage of the Inbody 270 to help us measure your body fat, track muscle mass growth, and monitor overall BMI.

This data is vital to ensuring you’re seeing actual results and help us improve your treatment throughout the injection process. It’s a fundamental part of our conscientious, results-driven care philosophy. 

Inbody 270

When providing services as a body composition analyzer in Rogers, we use the Inbody 270 to track complex bodily data. The InBody 270 provides special analytics to track your transformation, whether from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or just a diet and exercise routine.

The InBody analyzes various compositions of your body, revealing body fat percentage, muscle distribution, and body-water balance. 

Your complete body composition analysis requires your age, height, weight, and gender. Your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body mass index, and percentage of body fat will be measured each time. 

Once we compile that data for you, we can develop comprehensive personal result tracking, which will include muscle-fat analysis, obesity analysis, segmental lean analysis, and your body composition history.

Why We Are A Body Composition Analyzer in Rogers

Many men come to us simply because they want to feel better in their own skin. Oftentimes, it’s because diet and fitness just aren’t doing the trick, and that’s to say nothing of the negative impact Low-T can play on men’s health. Most diet and fitness goals focus on weight loss or gain, overlooking that two people of the same sex and body weight may look completely different from each other because they have different body compositions. 

Low-T therapy at many men’s health facilities is treated the same way. Men of two completely different builds, health histories, and at two completely different stages of their life are given the exact same cookie-cutter treatment and then sent on their way. Not at The Edge.

Measuring your body composition will help us better understand your own body’s unique makeup and help us provide you with specific feedback about your Low T results & health journey.

How We Use Inbody

Getting a better insight into your overall wellness starts with measuring your body composition and going beyond the number on the scale. You will know whether you need to gain more lean mass or lower body fat percentage to achieve a healthy body composition and a better level of health.

You wouldn’t believe the number of patients who, very reasonably, come to us when they don’t see any meaningful change in their weight and think something isn’t working. It is easy to get discouraged with a regular scale if the number stays the same or even increases a few pounds. 

Using the Inbody as a body composition analyzer in Rogers, we can often show them that there are subtle improvements happening. Sure they didn’t lose weight, but it turns out they’re burning more fat and have gained a few pounds of muscle in the process.

Based on your individual statistics, our body composition analyzer in Rogers can even make recommendations on your printout. This will be used to help you achieve your ideal body composition.

This is all in addition to regular blood work and labs, which play a more direct role in helping us track your testosterone levels and monitor the results of hormone replacement therapy.

The Impact of Blood Work

Because each patient is different, we make sure to monitor each patient’s free testosterone levels. It is why we stay ahead of potential issues by doing frequent lab work. 

The Edge can only use labs to get an idea of the ideal range/prescription accuracy for a patient, but adjustments are a given. Not all men’s hormonal needs are easy to identify with preliminary labs, and there’s always the chance a patient may metabolize their TRT meds differently—despite our rigorous pre-screening.

But that’s why we customize our treatments to fit your exact needs. We will work with you to identify your ideal range, even if it falls outside the norm. That way, we can build a treatment plan that best serves your health, your wellness, and your life.

As an added bonus, InBody analysis at The Edge includes three complementary screenings each year with an HRT subscription or our Medical Weight Loss program.

What is Medical Weight Loss With The Edge

Our work as men’s health specialists is also useful in supporting our patients through medical weight loss through our partners at Renew Aesthetics

You may be thinking to yourself: “what is that? I’m here for HRT, why are you discussing losing weight?”

Well, first thing’s first: for many of our patients, HRT & losing weight go hand in hand. HRT makes your exercise and dietary regimens more successful, and a healthy lifestyle boosts the results of hormone replacement therapy. That’s why we offer a Medical Weight Loss plan.

What does that mean?

The Basics

Medical weight loss is the facilitation of a patient’s weight loss supervised by a medical professional. Medical weight loss plans vary greatly depending on the body composition analyzer in Rogers you work with. The best medical weight loss is the program that’s individualized to each patient, since so many factors go into a person’s ability to lose weight and keep it off. 

There are several benefits of medical weight loss over traditional weight loss strategies. 


Your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. With a medical weight loss program, a professional who knows your medical history supervises your progress. It’s important to understand that your body needs certain levels of nutrition and activity to lose weight safely. 

There are risks associated with unsafe forms of weight loss, like nutritional deficiency, dehydration, muscle loss, and more. More than anything, your health and safety are our priority as we guide you through your weight loss journey. We design our programs to be sustainable and reasonable to help you achieve long-term weight loss.  

Data-Based Treatment

Simply put, not everyone loses weight in the same way. Everyone’s genetics, medical history, and nutrient levels are unique. Because of this, we center our approach with medical weight loss near you on your individual lab work. Our medical professionals analyze informative data to find where you can improve and where you’re already doing well. 

Individualized Care

Using your lab work, medical history, and other important information, we create a customized medical weight loss plan just for you. This is our philosophy on all of our services at The Edge at Pinnacle Point. By understanding your goals, basing treatment off of data, and establishing realistic expectations, we find patients are very satisfied with their medical weight loss results.

Improve Your Health with The Edge

The Edge utilizes these different treatments and supplements to help guys improve their overall health management. On their own, everything we mentioned today can provide an excellent boost to your daily life. Together, they can bring you lasting, comprehensive results that you previously thought may not have been possible. 

Our injections, supplements, and technology have provided countless positive outcomes to guys all across Northwest Arkansas and beyond. In fact, with only one initial, in-person consultation we can set up remote management and ship to 48 continental states (excludes HI and AK).  While you need to take responsibility for your daily diet and exercise habits, a quality routine mixed with our treatments can help you look and feel better than you have in years.

With our mix of experience, scientifically-backed care plans, and advanced treatments, The Edge is the top choice in Arkansas for men’s health. Whether your goal is to boost your energy, kick-start your weight loss, or just feel better, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goals. 

Schedule your Consultation with The Edge

Our mission at The Edge at Pinnacle Point is to help men across Northwest Arkansas and beyond improve their overall health and wellness. Every guy has unique needs, and that’s why we take an individualized approach with each of our treatments. We take every one of your needs, goals, and challenges into consideration in order to find the right plan for you. 

Schedule an in-person or a virtual consultation today and get back to feeling like your old self again. Check out our special events for deals on your initial lab work and more!For those looking for care beyond low testosterone treatment, The Edge also offers other services and supplements designed to help you feel & look like your old self.

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