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GAINSWave in Rogers, AR


Why the Edge Doesn’t Use Topical Testosterone Treatments in Rogers

One of the main issues we see with patients who previously received low testosterone treatment is that, like our co-founder Alex, their providers sub-optimally managed their care. Instead of regular injections, patients in NW Arkansas frequently use alternative testosterone treatment methods in Rogers. At The Edge, we avoid topical testosterone treatments in Rogers.

The Downside to Topical Testosterone Treatments

We have found that topical treatment options simply don’t offer the same personalized solutions and reliable results as clinical injections. These treatments include:

Topical Testosterone Treatments in Rogers

Testosterone Pellets

Though testosterone pellets provide a long-term low-T treatment solution, they have notable drawbacks.

Many patients don’t like the skin bump and discomfort they can feel at the implant site, and the pellets can make it challenging to change your dosage. 

Since replacing or adding pellets requires an additional procedure, lowering or raising your dosage becomes difficult and irritating.

Testosterone Creams

Topical testosterone creams are a highly concentrated solution to low-T in men but prove to be incredibly difficult to manage and can cause several side effects.

Though topical creams cause many of the same symptoms as testosterone pellets or poorly managed testosterone replacement therapy, they have a far higher likelihood of symptom occurrence. This makes using creams less reliable than other treatment methods.

Our Clinical, Results-Driven Approach

While our providers at The Edge can’t stop you or your body from aging, we can mitigate and often reverse its effects! This is where testosterone optimization through testosterone replacement therapy comes in. The process begins by meeting with a provider for your one-on-one consultation, during which we’ll discuss your unique needs, goals, and concerns.

Topical Testosterone Treatments in Rogers

The goal of testosterone optimization is to replace your current testosterone deficit. However, the caveat is that each person has a different “optimal” testosterone level. Many clinics or “big chain” low testosterone clinics don’t correctly consider proper, individualized dosing, leading to ineffective results.

We have found testosterone injections are by far the most effective. After proper lab results, a doctor consultation, and a signed consent, you’ll begin an individualized treatment plan based on your blood work to get you feeling like yourself again.

The Edge uses replacement to provide lasting, noticeable benefits to our patients. It also lets us avoid our patients having to deal with topical testosterone side effects in Rogers.

Personalized Care

We consider each aspect of your treatment, from the amount of testosterone we prescribe to the dosage and frequency with which we prescribe it. Many of our patients find that they have more energy, enjoy better workouts, sleep better, and even have an increased sex drive and performance! The result is real, noticeable improvements in numerous aspects of your life.

Topical Testosterone Treatments in Rogers

There are many myths and misconceptions about potential optimization risks through testosterone replacement therapy; it’s important to note that we don’t recommend treatment for everyone.

If you are a candidate for treatment, The Edge takes every measure to ensure patients are safe, comfortable, and equipped for lasting results. 

Receive Exceptional Low Testosterone Treatment with The Edge

In short, the biggest drawback to topical testosterone treatments in Rogers is their unreliability. That’s why we focus on solutions that work. The Edge offers care you can count on with optimal results and minimal concerns.

Schedule an in-person or a virtual consultation today and get back to feeling like your old self again. Check out our special events for deals on your initial lab work and more. 

For those looking for care beyond low testosterone treatment, The Edge also offers other services and supplements designed to help you feel or look like your old self.

Getting old isn’t a choice, but feeling old is. Get back your Edge today.


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