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In The Beginning

Founding The Edge

Our mission is to educate with facts and extract all the widespread misinformation in regards to testosterone replacement therapy. 

Here at The Edge, we provide a life-altering service.

We guarantee that the hormone optimization service we offer will help you feel like the younger version of yourself. We can’t keep guys from getting older, but we can at least mitigate the symptoms associated with it.

Our Values



We will always maintain quality healthcare and integrity in every aspect of what we do. 


We are truly invested in helping you become the best possible version of yourself through HRT.


We strive to stay focused on improving our community through what we offer and who we are. 

Our History

In 2016, a man entering his 30s began noticing energy and endurance issues.

He was used to enjoying an active lifestyle that included biking, cardio, and weight lifting; so a loss of motivation and stamina was alarming.

His first instinct was to chalk it up to not sleeping well, but problems would persist regardless of a sleep deficit. He was convinced that he was either dying of some looming terminal disease or maybe it was just a sign of getting older.

In the Beginning

Years went by and symptoms worsened. At the time he really had only thought “low T” equated to ED issues, which wasn’t the relate-able.

Frustrated and searching for answers, he asked his Primary Care Doctor if his recent symptoms could even possibly be related to his testosterone.

Lo and behold – lab results showed his testosterone levels were abnormally low for his age. So low in fact, that his insurance actually covered the cost for treatment which is a feat in itself. The man we’re referring to is now our Clinic Coordinator for The Edge – Alex Beaumont.

A Better Hormone Replacement Therapy

After a few years of undergoing hormone replacement therapy under his PCP’s supervision, he began to question why he was experiencing so many irregularities.

Alex could feel his energy levels improve after each testosterone injection, but his doctor was only allowing the 200mg/mL dosage every two weeks.

Upon more research and personal experience, he concluded these intervals make it impossible to stay in a steady therapeutic range, which explains the highs and lows he was feeling. He knew there had to be a better way.

Growing our Practice

Dr. Haney & Ozark Regional Vein Center have been the go-to destination for varicose & spider vein treatment in NW Arkansas since 2006.

His aesthetics division – Renew Aesthetics – has continued to excel since opening in 2016 in Rogers.

Throughout the years, locals have approached us about options for anti-aging, specifically hormone replacement therapy. Knowing he had to capitalize on the need for HRT, he decided to do something about it. Dr. Haney had already been researching Men’s Health regarding testosterone related issues for years.

Ozark Today

Fate introduced Alex Beaumont to Dr. Haney, and they began working together to create The Edge.

Intensive training with some industry experts in Mississippi was followed by more continued medical education at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Alex, of course was patient number one at The Edge. Dr. Haney worked with him to restore his hormonal balance by drawing labs, introducing HCG into the equation, and administering proper doses of testosterone. Managed correctly, Alex felt the best he had felt in years.

Our team has replicated this same individualized process for a multitude of guys. Our mission then and now is the same. We want to help YOU get your edge back.

Our Team

We truly love what we do.

Our experienced, forward thinking team is driven to get you the results you want.

Meet Our Team

Our Affiliates

Renew Aesthetics, our elite medical spa division offers a team of experienced providers dedicated to personalized results and patient satisfaction.

Ozark Regional Vein Center has been the top destination for varicose vein treatment in Rogers since 2005. Dr. Haney leads our experienced team that have provided a gold-standard of vein care in NW Arkansas since 2006.

Happy Clients

"This is the go-to-spot for men's health in NWA."

Alex and Dr. Haney are super nice and professional. They both are extremely knowledgeable and take the extra time to explain everything. I highly recommend!

– Blake W.

"Love the Edge!"

Highly recommend for any guy that's just not feeling like himself anymore. These guys know their stuff!

– Anonymous

"Life changing!"

5 out of 5 stars. I had no idea I could feel this good again. Dr. Haney and Alex Beaumont are experts at this.

– Brad F.


Alex is fantastic at what he does and I never felt uncomfortable or nervous about asking any questions. They truly gave me my edge back.

– Ron S.

"Hormone Therapy"

The results are more than I expected. I feel 10 years younger. Thanks Kevin and Alex!

– Mark L.

"Great Team."

Informative and answered all my questions. Feeling 110%.

– Donald S.

"Different in the best possible way."

The Edge is professional, personalized, and effective. Highly recommend to any guy looking to improve the way they feel!

– Alex T.

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